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The Fashion Industry Through The Use Of Blogging
Over the last 10 years, social media has really advanced. The popularity of social networks, blogs, photo & video sharing sites and more have risen tremendously. Through the use of social media, information has become accessible, immediate and created a community of similar-minded people, which could likely make social media the greatest advancement over the last 10 years. The most well known type of social media would be the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The idea that people can communicate and become instantly connected to friends that may not be within driving distance has made social networks an attractive alternative option. The first “really popular” website for social networking was Myspace though it has really seen a decline in usage compared to the now popular, Facebook. Facebook could be considered an advancement of Myspace as well as how to keep relevant. The social network has many users that dislike the website yet many continuously keep coming back to use the website. The impact and power of Facebook really became known when it became a movie. What makes it so addictive to people? Compare to Myspace, it allows for use by nearly everyone. The Myspace trend caught with the ‘tween & teen generation... Gregorio Galicot - Mobile Technology And Smartphones
Gregorio Galicot - The greatest advancement in the field of information and communication technology in the recent decade is definitely the production and evolution of cellular phone devices. With new ways to use them being created every day, these amazing devices are gradually being integrated into all aspects of life. Cell phones are no longer the expensive boulders that were once “cutting edge communication.” Engineers of the communication technology industry realized the potential of the cell phone, and that knowledge spurred the evolution to smaller and smaller forms, going from barely “portable” to easily “pocket able.” The newer phones have flourished in the last ten years, though the astounding growth only continues to accelerate. When we thought that talking anywhere was amazing, brilliant minds thought to extend their possibilities outside of the box once again. New features like texting and picture-taking were added to the devices, easily causing consumers to forsake their current cell phones to experience the latest height of mobile technology. The industry proved the power of evolving the phone, and that trend lead to some of today’s most powerful and useful devices. Finally, we come to the mobile... Facebook Provides Communication Means Anywhere
Ten years ago, as the millennium was changing, the internet was changing as well. More people were getting emails and the internet was being used more frequently, but no one would have predicted how much one website would change the world forever. If people wanted to contact each other using the internet, they would send each other emails. This all changed with the invention of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has been the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last ten years because of how many people have one, the variety of means of communication it allows, and the amount of information it holds. The first reason Facebook is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology is because of how many people have a Facebook account. Facebook is everywhere. One can find signs for Facebook at just about any street corner because people and businesses have discovered the benefits of Facebook. Originally, Facebook was intended to be used only by college students, but now it has spread to people of all ages from all over the world. It has even become a part of many people’s daily lives. Facebook isn’t just for people either. Businesses have caught up with... Tech Progression With Facebook
Between 2001 and 2011, there have been hundreds, even thousands, of improvements and changes to technology, especially the information and communications technology industry. So which of these is the most important? It is difficult to pick just one, especially considering that several of them completely rely on a predecessor that has also come about within the last ten years. That is the beauty of technology; it is always changing, always progressing. Simply put, the answer is Social Networking Sites. Most days, it feels like there are about a million different social networking sites, and sometimes it is a burden to have to check every single one; but where would we be without them? Everyone has heard an elderly person talk about “back in my day, we wrote letters to each other…” The lyrics of a song say it best. “My grandpa was in World War Two, he fought against the Japanese. He wrote a hundred letters to my grandma, mailed them from his base in the Philippines. I wish they could see this now, the world they saved has changed you know.” (Welcome to the Future, written by Chris DuBois and Brad Paisley, preformed by Brad Paisley) When was the last time you got a letter, or sent one, let alone hundreds of them from one person?... Advancement In Cellular Communication Technology
Often enough, we find our attention entrenched in the developed world’s information and communications technology (from here on ICT) industry. And rightly so, our developed-world computer scientist and engineers produce the world’s cutting edge software and hardware laboring through organizations such as CISCO, Google, Intel, Oracle, and IBM, among others. In deciding what the most significant advancement in ICT over the last ten years, I chose to consider whom the specific advancement impacted the most. Therefore, I believe that the developing world, particularly Africa, has benefitted the most from advancement in cellular communication technology. My aim is to demonstrate the aforementioned through consideration of the economic and social implications. First of all, in a continent that has suffered from a lack of a functioning communications infrastructure, the last decade’s progression in ICT has provided explosive economic growth in all countries of the African continent. According to a UN report (2009), from 2000 to 2009, African mobile subscriptions increased from 1 in 50 people to about 28% (more or less, 1 in 4 people). What does this advancement mean? Governments have allowed economic policies to liberalize the... The DVR Allowing People To Be Active In Their Media Selection
In the last decade there have been many technological advances that one could argue change communication. Inventions like the cell phone and various social media sites make interpersonal communication simple and easy, although they also make it quite impersonal. Advances in the internet now allow anyone to become a member of the mass media by broadcasting his message to thousands of internet users. Of all these inventions I find one of the most significant to be the invention, and growing popularity, of the digital video recorder. The DVR allows people to record shows, watch them whenever they like and, pause and fast-forward through live television broadcasts. As for interpersonal communication, this invention affects it little beyond allowing people to pause shows so they can talk amongst themselves. For the mass media this invention significantly changes how the broadcast media functions and fundamentally changes the system used by television networks for years. The DVR allows people to take an active role in their media consumption, allows them to engage in the media on their own terms, forcing broadcasters and advertisers to rethink their strategy for reaching target audiences. The Nielsen Ratings are produced by the... Satelite Transmission Distributors
Over the past 10 years, information and news has been delivered to a wide audience across the United States. This improvement was made due to the technological advancement in broadcasting media, examples including television and radio. Radio and television networks broadcast a variety of programs including national and local news, talk shows, traffic reports, movies, other entertainment, and advertisements. Today important reports are able to reach the American people quickly and effectively, making the advancement in broadcasting the most significant improvement in information and technological communication. The use of satellite signals in broadcasting media is one of the technological advancements that allow news to reach American citizens adequately. Satellite transmission distributors are mostly made up of government and private organizations. Private funding typically runs the broadcasting stations while a government agency called the Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate communications. Television and radio networks transmit signals from broadcasting studios to local stations and/or cable distributors through satellite. Next, these broadcast signals are sent over cable television lines, satellite... Nine Out Of Ten Carry A Cell Phone
Undeniably the greatest and most universal advancement in communications technology of today is the cell phone. Both in mind boggling technological advancements and in an explosion of widespread use, the cell phone has over the last ten years made an enormous jump from a useful gadget for conversing to a personal necessity. Most people use it for nearly everything, from listening to one's favorite band to looking up a pie recipe on the internet. In the last ten years, cell phone usage in the United States alone increased from 34 million phones to 203 million phones. Technologically speaking, this is, no doubt the most significant development in communication technology we have. However, with this myriad of advancements are we really better off? Through the ability to access the internet constantly through cell phones, people have the potential to be constantly “plugged in”. Many take advantage of this. I have found life to be far more relaxing and less stressful without constantly using a cell phone. Though information on anything is possible at a whim and a click of a button, anywhere and everywhere, I don't feel instantaneous answers are necessary. Patience is a virtue, one which seems to be forgotten in our fast paced... Social Networking Sites In Advertising
Social networking sites may be the most important advancement in communications technology in the past decade. Part of the instant communication revolution that has been taking place, social networking sites are responsible for allowing anyone with internet access to instantly communicate with millions of people, regardless of geographic location. Sites such as Facebook can serve as virtual conferences, support groups, or even revolutions, as seen recently in Egypt. Social networking sites have completely transformed much of society: for many people, having a virtual presence can be a vital factor in terms of having their voice heard, having access to information and being an active member of society. The truest testament to the power of social networking sites is that of the recent political revolution in Egypt. Because of Facebook, Egyptians from all across the country were able to communicate opinions and ideas to each other, and were ultimately able to plan and execute a successful overthrow of an oppressive government. While it is impossible to say whether such a revolution may have happened without the communication technology of Facebook, it is undeniable that the mass networking that Facebook provided contributed... The Invention Of The Digital Camera
The invention of the digital camera has been the most important development in technology in the last ten years. Before people relied on film cameras which could be developed at home in a darkroom or at a local pharmacy. To fully consider the impact this technology had on our society the importance and power of visual images must first be considered. In the recent events that took place regarding the transition of power in the Middle East, what would the coverage of said story have been like without the pictures published regarding the fact? Pictures were published showing crowded streets filled with people filled with a patriotic and somewhat radical behavior. It made it real, someone there whether it be a citizen in the cross fires or a journalist put a face to the words that were published regarding the mass violence. Without visual images Muammar Gaddhafi would have been nothing more than a distant phantom or a cartoonish villain with no real human physical features. The fact that we can put a face to the violence of the nation of Libya means that the problem transcends an ocean boundary and becomes an issue on the survival of the common human spirit. Of course the same images we see today could have easily come from... The Internet Was Designed For Long Distance Communication
Many people would say that the internet has been human kind's greatest advancement in communication technology in recent years; and to a point it is true. With the ability to send information across the globe with a click of a mouse and the new slate on which media can massively publish news, it is clear that the internet has nearly endless potential. However a true advancement did not come along until that potential had been exposed by one brilliant idea: social networking sites. Now many people would laugh at me for putting social networking sites on such a pedestal. After all, the internet is clearly the only reasons such a site exists. But recall that the internet was designed for long distance communication. In the very early stages of the internet, website were created that communicated with the general public, one person reaching out to many strangers. Then came email where one person could reach out to friends and family. Instant messaging came around that allowed for even faster and more intimate communication, perhaps too intimate. All of these are examples of the internet being used for social means, but each one was limited to only one audience. Websites tried to convince unknown masses that a product or idea... The Information Portion Of ICT
When looking for the definition of Information and Communication Technology, one is met with a menagerie of renditions. Thus, the examples of ICT, Information and Communication Technology, are also varied, making it hard to try and find the best. However, one explanation of ICT seems to be more accepted then the others, and that is that, “ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, or receive information electronically in a digital form” ( This would allow examples to range from personal computers to digital television and even robots. Even with this clarification of ICT, the examples are still broad, making the question still hard to answer. In order to fully answer the question for this essay, ICT must be broken into its two main components, Information and Communication. When looking at the Information portion of ICT, a large category of technology and services open up to fulfill the necessary requirements. Simple examples can be found in something as basic as Microsoft office. Excel creates spreadsheets that can be used to create graphs, organize information, and even create models for future examination. This essay was written using Microsoft Word, which is allowing me to write... With An Online Presence
While voice over IP has not essentially changed what people do on a daily basis, it has changed how we do it and how we think about what we do. Talking on the phone is one the simplest and least thought about activities in the modern American household. Everyone makes phone calls (except for those texting fiends) and everyone loves to hear the voice a family member or close friend. The difference VoIP has made is that it has caused people to stop thinking of a phone call as an entity unto itself and has more closely associated it with the rest of our digital lifestyles. A phone call is no longer just a way to “get ahold” of someone, but now an element of being “connected” and having a presence online. This is a fundamental shift that has had repercussions throughout the technology sector. We are increasingly often seeing technology vendors marketing “connected” devices and attempting to convince consumers that there is a place for everything online. This trend towards virtualizing everything we do began with VoIP. First of all, the shift from traditional phone calls to VoIP shows a shift in what people want to get out of technology. Electronics are so prevalent in our daily life that communicating through such devices...

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